Unlocking the True Potential of the Cloud

Our Seamless Platform Works on Any Major Cloud Provider

The Future of Cloud Computing

n2 is the next generation compute platform for running function as a service and container based workloads, that is infinitely scalable, that runs anywhere, on any platform with a strong focus on security, performance, ease of use and Open-source technology. Our Patent Pending Technology ensures a fast, secure, and reliable cloud experience while reducing overhead costs.

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We're proud to be pushing the boundaries of technology and making a difference in the world.
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Empowering Your Business in the Cloud

At nor2, we recognize the vital role the cloud plays in your business. Unfortunately, many cloud providers don't meet your needs. Our cutting-edge, patent-pending technology ensures your business handles demanding workloads effortlessly, all while significantly reducing costs.


Elevating the Developer Experience

We're passionate about empowering developers with the tools they love. nor² simplifies app deployment, configuration, scaling, and management. We free up developers to do what they do best: create exceptional apps that captivate users.

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