Anouncing the WASM Analyzer by nor2!

By Timmy Silesmo | Published on September 6, 2023 | 1 minute read News illustration

Today we are excited to be announcing the WASM Analyzer!

In a simple, user-friendly interface, we provide you with the means to get an overview of your WebAssembly files and packages. Where previously you might have had to go through a convoluted process involving a few tools or converting your .wasm files to a different format in order to get information about its properties, we’ll now be doing the job for you, providing you with easy-to-read information in a simple, but effective, unified interface.


  • Ability to browse and download WASM packages from the WebAssembly Registry (WARG)
  • Open and analyze local WASM modules and components
  • Ability to inspect component model interfaces and documentation
  • See imports imported by WASM modules/components
  • See exports exported by WASM modules/components
  • View WebAssembly metadata
  • See what custom sections your WASM module/component contains
  • View the WebAssembly text (WAT) of your WASM module.

Try it out today: Or learn more:

We are committed to publishing the WASM Analyzer as open-source in the following weeks. In the meantime if you have any feature requests or discover any bugs then please create an issue on the WASM Analyzer GitHub.